I guess I will be making a 7 day roguelike(or failing to do so :) ).

I will put a section up describing my progress whenever I feel like it.

Not-A-Log #1:

I don't know how many people actually played, but I do know that any who did had to tolerate my terrible "help" file that barely described the controls.

On the rare chance that somebody actually reads this, I have put an updated version here.

Log #9 (Friday):

It is finished!
Or at least I have decided that it is playable enough to be done, and all that can really be added is features and text feedback. However, I feel that the vague way it only tells you about some things fits the theme: Chaos magic.

It is unfortunately windows-only, but most of that is restricted to win.c and win.h, hopefully, and it uses OpenGL for graphics. To compile it, there is a nifty compile.bat, just double-click on it and if you have MinGW and it is set up in the path correctly, everything should compile.

The enemies start off somewhat equal, but will frequently be much more powerful than you as you start killing them, unless you carefully utilize magic. In this case, either putting as much into either defense or speed before the enemies reach you. Expect to die often.
Gems restore small quantities of magic without corrupting your surroundings.
Arrows are for ranged attacks
Gold is for collexting
Health restores health
Scrolls of order reverse corruption by consuming gold. First by copying some/all of your text-image over your game-image, then by copying a pure copy of the font over the text-image. In all cases, corruption and restoration, it only affects copies in RAM.

Do whatever you want with it, you can get it here.

Edit: I forgot to mention ; is to pick stuff up.

Log #8 (Thursday, 5th log...):

After some forum input, I have modified the chaos to also include an area-of-effect type corruption around the player.

Next: Some trigger to regen the map(teleportation?), magic, item interaction, an inventory, and hopefully it will all be done in time for saturday.

Log #7 (Thursday, fourth log today!):

What is it with the second last full day and getting things done?

I need to fix a bug there: the enemies are too fast!

Log #6 (Thursday, third log?!?):

Well, rather than write a few words and post ~5 pictures, I'll just link you to a forum post elsewhere.

Log #5 (Thursday, second log):

Oops, once again I forgot that the web server cares about the diffrence between PNG and png. and MSpaint like PNG, whereas I like png...
Well, already fixed the visible issue earlier, plus that the clear colour was white, and not an extremely corrupted world looks like this:

Edit: Sorry once more, ran into filesize issues, and had to downgrade to JPEG.

Log #4 (Thursday):

This is likely not the only log today.
Today, I fixed some bugs, added the ability for enemies to spawn from the screen edges, added items and dropping...
And chaos.

As you can see, that is with massive debug chaos commands, and I am drawing the source tile data on-screen. I have a bug to fix there :).

Edit: I forgot to mention, notice the background chaos?
Well, it is a nice side-effect of using character 219 as a background fill. Normally, it would draw black as a background, but since the chaos also affects the alpha channel, you get fragments of previous occupants occasionally!

Log #3 (Wednesday):

Spent today on text output.
A bug came up, as it was using the destination image's width for both the source and the destination, so it was only pure chance that the map blocks rounded up to the same power of two as the font image.
(Edit: Why that mattered: The formula that converted a 2D coordinates to the 1D array index would mess up, inserting rows of pixels from a diffrent character if the source was wider, and skipping rows(even off into one of the map images, luckily not segfaulting) and continuing a few characters past if it was narrower)

After that, things went along smoothly, though not nessicarily chronologically accurate to the order implied here. I added simple wandering AI creatures, and once the text was working, they would appologise when they bumped into the player, and be rude towards the player when the player bumped into them. This is only a temporary behaviour.

Stress testing:
Spawning massive quantities of enemies was no problem graphically, but the AI did cause a bit of a preformance issue, though the quanity by then was at least one thousand.

Back at home, on a computer with more than half(or less!) of a gigabyte of RAM, the AI was no problem at all, even with many times more at once, and since the first test was far beyond what should happen under reasonable in-game circumstances, I can happily say that it should run fine on even old computers. Hopefully.

I guess I should take a moment to note that it will likely be windows-only, but if anyone wants to edit the source to be more cross-platform, all that needs editing is image loading, window creation, input handling, and thread spawning, and the source WILL be available early saturday, regardless of completion status, and likely before then.

Log #2 (Tuesday):

Massive improvements today. Having my font with me, I set out to bring the visual together with the structural, although most of that structure was for the visual bits.

One of the neat features of working on a truely outdated computer is compatibility. Knowing that some computers literally need a power-of-two sized texture, and being able to see it run at full speed(was 100 FPS at first(better than uncapped, made many of my older programs go from a 99% CPU hog down to idling at 0%), but I realized that this is a roguelike, so upped it to 50 ms per frame, for 20 frames per second), even on the old PCs, was proof that something was working out well.

Development continues, with AI, level generation, collision, saving, loading, items, inventory, magic, corruption, and anything else I forgot to list. This might actually be finished in time. (Note on the images:

Log #1 (Monday):

Well, after a few days of procrastination, I finally have some stuff done. However, all that stuff is merely framework, as I forgot to put a font on my USB storage device. However, I did manage to get vague frameworks in place for later development, including most some of the drawing bits. I hope that future readers of the code will agree with my decision to use a function pointer for the AI rather than a massive switch block.