-Arrow keys to move
-Shift to shoot
-Space for pause menu and upgrade screen

This game was created for Kongregate over the winter holiday on 2009.
When I created it, I had little experience making games with Flash(Only one other game), and I was(and still am) using MTASC and swfmill to create the game.

I have plans for a sequel, using suggestion I got from this one, including:
-A real background
-Strafing(though not turret-fire)
-WASD support
-Multiple customizable control schemes(User can set any keyboard key to replace those mentioned)
--Mouse to aim, arrow keys to move, with left and right to strafe rather than turn
--Classic(with strafe)
--Fly to mouse, left and right to turn
--Probably more, if I think of any
-A menu

Feedback is encouraged.