As my main intrest and future career dream are both programming, one of the things I inevitably learned was flash. However, due to my personal opinion that piracy wasn't worth it, I did not illegally accuire the official tools. Instead, I have used the neat combination of Notepad(classic programming tool :) ), MTASC(Nice, free, command-line Actionscript 2 compiler), and swfmill(works with MTASC or others to package the compiled code with images and other resources).

Here lies various little bits of things I have made over the last year and a bit.


Games. Popular, and entertaining. Naturally, I have made a few. However, as a game is not merely a few lines of code and an image or two, I will only give them as images and links to where you can actually play them.

The poorly named

"Endless Survival"

This was my second flash game ever, made over the first half of the winter holidays of 2009.

-Hold Shift to fire
-Arrow keys to move
-Space bar to toggle the pause/upgrade menu


There are small flash pages that I made to simply show a possibility, and on their own are merely slightly interactive.

Lots of text goes here.

Or in this case, a direct link to a .swf and url to a sub-page with just that .swf on it.